NC Studio by Nikra | Utah Makeup Artist

The Idea

Through the years I have come across all sorts of women and their relationship with makeup. Many are eager to learn the tips and tricks that perhaps they can look like a celebrity, others want to step out of their now boring makeup routine after years of doing  the same thing day after day, but perhaps others don't even know where to begin.  By taking a quick look at videos and tutorials over the internet it is so easy to get confused and overwhelmed with the amount of different tricks techniques that circulate around. My word! the last thing I saw, was a girl putting on makeup by using all items out of her pantry! for reals? 

If you are scared to go to the makeup counters because of the makeup artist and their sales approach, I don't blame you! They are good, and they will get you to buy make up, how do I know? I used to be one of them, and trust me I was good. But if you don't want to get all that makeup so that it ends on that makeup box that never gets used, a personal consultation would be the way to go. Believe me, my selling days are over. What I want for you is to be able to grab that brush and the product and be able to apply it with confidence, fully knowing what you are doing.

Come from that wonderful, caring spot of your heart. Stay centered and love who you are. Know that you really are divine, magnificent expression of life
— Louise Hay


During a consultation we will go over these 6 items of interest, perhaps you have asked yourself one of these questions?

  • Skin Care
    • What cleansers, lotions, primers are appropriate when considering makeup?
  • Brushes
    • Like what is that fan looking brush for, should I buy it?
    • Do I need to get all sorts of brushes? what kind should I get?
    • Is there a proper way to cleanse them?
  • Foundation 
    • What kind should I get?
    • How do I match to the right foundation?
    • Should I get a different foundation for the summer time?
    • Will it make my skin breakout if I wear foundation?
    • Liquid or powder?
  • Concealer
    • What's that?
  • Blush & Bronzer
    • There are so many colors, how do I even choose?
    • What if I don't want to look tan?
  • Eyes & Eyeshadows
    • How do I apply eyeshadow?
    • My eyes are too big or too small, I don't know what to do
    • I want to learn how to do a smokey eye
    • How do you apply eyelashes
    • What kind of eyeliner is best?